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"Aspida Zois" (Shied of life)  is a non-profit Association for patients, families and friends of patients suffering from Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMDs).
It was founded on July 9, 2013, has Registration Number 3900 and is based in Cyprus.

"Aspida Zois" is a member of the European Organisation for Rare Diseases EURORDIS (European Organisation for Rare Diseases) and  CARD (Cyprus Alliance for Rare Disorders).

The Association "Aspida Zois" is placed under the high protection of the First Lady Ms Andri Anastasiades on 20/03/2014.

The aim of the association is generally to provide all possible scientific, social and moral support to those suffering from inherited metabolic diseases and their families.

In particular the objectives of the Association are:

(A) The protection of the rights of patients suffering from RMN and the enhancement and promotion of issues relating to patients suffering from inherited metabolic diseases (IMDs).

(B) The moral support of families with children suffering from IMDs and immediate need.

(C) Continuous updating of parents and guardians and the children themselves, if they have the appropriate age on the child's specific disease, the effects of the present and the future, the correct way to address and their education generally as regarding the IMDs.

(D) The appointment and promotion of issues related to their ill patients with IMDs and the promotion of scientific research and cooperation to increase knowledge of the pathogenesis and prevention of pathological conditions caused by inherited metabolic disorders.

(E) The improvement of health conditions and treatment of people with IMDs by creating a special center, which will be composed of qualified personnel in the object (physicians, laboratory scientists, nutritionists, psychologists and others).

(F) The development of communication and solidarity ties between the patients and the development of relationships and ties as well as cooperation with other similar associations - unions in Cyprus, Greece and the wider world.

(G) The promotion of public awareness by creating communication forum between experienced researchers, advising both directly and through other existing organizations and promoting public funding for strengthening purposes.

(H) information by any means of public and any competent government or other entity or abroad about the RMN and the social implications of the problem.

(I) The development of any other lawful activity that will contribute to the promotion and resolution of medical and socio provlimatonton people with inherited metabolic disorders.

(J) Communicating with doctors and specialists in Cyprus and abroad to end settlement meetings with patients suffering from hereditary metabolic diseases either in Cyprus or abroad.

(K) The promotion and / or presence of the association, the aims and achievements abroad.


You can register as a member of Aspida Zois if you suffer from any inherited metabolic disease, have family members with IMDs, or even be an adult individual who wish to contribute in the association's support through your registration

 For more information, please contact us at telephone number (+357) 97750812 , by email at info@aspidazois.com or by filling in your details on our website under "Registration Form" in the left panel and we will contact you.

You can find us on Facebook by entering the search field: Aspida Zois Page



1. President: Marios Vakanas

2. Vice President: Vasilis Prodromou

3. Secretary: Christina Aristotelous

4. Treasurer: Vaso Tikkou

5. Member: Giorgos Theodorou



Dr Anthi Drousiotou (Head, Department of Biochemical Genetics - The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics, Associate Professor - The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine)






Dr Violeta Anastasiadou (Head, Clinical Genetics Department,Ass. Professor, Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine Archbishop Makarios III Hospital and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics)

Dr Paola Nicolaides (Paediatric Neurologist)

Dr Elli Siama (Paediatrician)

Ms Georgia Chiappa (Clinical Paidiatric Dietitian)

Mr Andreas Neocleous (Lawyer)

Ms Elena Riga (Lawyer)



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