Who can register on Assciation "Aspida Zois"

In our association people who are suffering from IMD can register as well as members of their family, even people who just want to help with enrollment in financial support of the association.


What are "inherited metabolic diseases" (IMDs)

Inherited metabolic disorders (IMDs) occur in the absence or dysfunction of enzymes. Over a thousant of different inherited metabolic disorders was identified and this number is constantly growing. Examples of IMDs are: "GA1 - Glutaric Aciduria Type 1, PKU - "Phenylketonuria", the "Galactosemia", the "Ornithine Tranxarpamylase deficiency" (OTC), MSUD - "Maple Syrup urine Disease" and others


Is Aspida Zois a registered association?

The Association was registered under the Associations and Institutions Law 1972 with registration number 3900 on 9 July 2013.

Which of the Inherited Metabolic Diseases are included in Cyprus Newborn Screening Program

In Cyprus  currently only PKU "Phenylketonuria" is included in the national newborn  screening program.  The association of Patients with Inherited Metabolic Diseases "Aspida Zois" suggests exploring the possibility to include other IMDs in Cyprus newborn  screening program i.e. the "glutaric aciduria type 1" which  the early prevention and treatment has promising results.