Our Requests

1. set a multidisciplinary response team on Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMDs) and the mapping of needs in education, infrastructure, etc.

2. An agreement with a specialized center abroad for:

a) Metabolic specialist paidiatrician& dietitian to visiting in Cyprus 2-3 times a year to monitor patients
b) special training of a pediatrician and dietician from Cyprus on inherited metabolic diseases on an accredited metabolic centre abroad

3. The update of pediatricians and physicians of other specialties for inherited metabolic disorders.

4. The establishment of protocols addressing IMDs including direct intervention protocols (emergency treatment protocols).

5. Emergency Card to be issued for all patients with IMDs which include the emergency treatment protocol, so that it is directly addressing them in any medical center in any country.

6. The investigation of the possibility to include other IMDs in Neonatal Control as eg the "glutaric aciduria type 1", "MSUD" and others which in the early prevention and treatment has promising results. Cyprus currently all IMDs only "Phenylketonuria" controlled neonatal testing.